Pretzel Wall Rental


This board is perfect for any event and for anyone who loves Pretzels. Add Pretzels to your Rental and get a great deal! 


Each board is hand made from Birch Wood 15" by 21". Made with 9 skinny pegs extending approx 4" off the board with a 3/8" diameter. Fitting 2-3 Mini Pretzels on each peg. The stand adds approx 1" of height to the board.


The Board is sealed with a food safe water based polycrylic sealent to allow for safe cleaning and repeat use. Text is Vinyl.


This Walnut Pretzel Wall will be the "WOW" factor you are looking for at your next event. Hire this Wall for $35.00 or ask how to recieve this wall free with your purchase of pretzels.


Wall rentals are to be returned to us cleaned and in the same condition it was received. Damages to any rental prop items will be at the clients expense. Proceeding with your remaining balance is a confirmation that you understand and fully accept these terms. Oops, it got spilled on, broken… now what? Accidents happen! However, all rental items are your responsibility. Many of our items are one-of-a-kind, so we ask that you ensure they are secure at all times and protected from the weather. We charge for broken, damaged or missing items. Fees for non-repairable or unreturned items will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The replacement fees for items vary, and we can provide these to you to look over – just ask! Damaged or missing items must be reported prior to the event or the items are considered received and in good condition.


There is a $100 deposit that is required when hiring this event prop. Once the prop is returned and inspected the deposit will be returned back to the client.

Pretzel Wall