Holiday Menu

In addition to our Catering Menu and Bread Shop

Holiday Platter Box

Feeding 8-10      

Filled with, but not limited to imported Italian prosciutto, imported provolone cheese and Italian bresaola, 2 styles of local wine salami, 2 styles of stuffed imported olives, blue cheese, drunken goat cheese cubes, camembert brie cheese, cranberry rolled goat cheese, seasonal dried and fresh fruit spinach cheese dip, nut varieties, holiday sweets & a mini imported panettone.


Holiday Wreath

Table Appetizer 

This is filled with delicious Italian salami skewers, fresh basil, stuffed olives, bocconcini cheese, brie slices, sundried tomato's, dried apricots, fresh grapes, raspberry and glazed  in house pecans

5 person $55.00

12 person $120

20 person $180.00

Holiday Gift Basket

Pick up In Aurora or Delivery 

The perfect gift to send to a loved one. This basket is filled with a in house hearty soup, Nona's tomato sauce, Haus BBQ sauce, Daniella's Nut clusters, Belgian chocolate pretzel rods, garlic jalapeno mustard sauce and a 6 pack of locally smoked German Pepperettes.


Charcuterie Gift Basket

This is shelf stable and does not require a refrigeration

This basket is for the charcuterie King and Queens. Make your own platter at home with family with all our go to staples. Brie Cheese, Honey Comb, Hazelnut & Cranberry crackers, Pretzel Crostini, Red Pepper Jelly, Garlic Jalapeno Mustard, Muffuletta, Italian Sausage, smoked pepperettes, roasted pecans & Belgian Chocolate rods


Mini Holiday Pretzels

Minimum 12 Pretzels

These soft Pretzels are baked until golden brown and topped with imported Belgian Chocolate and designed to fit the holidays.


Holiday Bread Basket

Same Day Pick up/ Delivery

This gift basket is filled with a variety of Pretzel Bread, brie cheese and cured meats for your own take home charcuterie board spread.


Luxury Gift Basket

Pick up in Aurora or Delivery

The perfect gift to send to your Family over the holidays. This Luxe Basket is filled with top notch imported goodies that everyone will enjoy. Italian olive oil and vinegar, Calabrese antipasto, Nona's tomato's sauce, Roasted Nut Clusters, hearty soup, garlic and wine sausages, local smoked pepperoni sticks, baked pretzel crostini, spicy garlic mustard, camembert brie cheese, Croatian Fig Jam, local honey comb, salted pretzels, gourmet Belgian chocolate pretzel rods and candid roasted pecans.


Pretzel/ Donut Wall

Free standing Quarenteen Pretzel stand

This is made for our Quarantine babes who have been hibernating hard in order to keep us all safe. Pick from any of our stands. Basket options available with a local brew.

Holiday Pretzel Rods

Candy Cane or Holiday Sprinkle

These Salted Pretzel Rods are dipped in the finest Belgian Chocolate. We are offering two holiday Flavors: 

White chocolate Candy Cane

Milk Chocolate Holiday Sprinkle

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